At j. branch landscaping, we offer a variety of unique services to fit every clients needs. We listen to our clients and not only do we create beautiful designs, but lasting relationships.

We provide beautiful concepts and plans based not only on the clients needs, but incorporate the site conditions and home’s architecture. Our unique approach combined with education and experience will take your ideas and create a built reality! From European Garden to contemporary, modern designs - j. branch landscaping has got you covered!

Landscape crews use only the highest quality soils along with appropriate bed preparation according to plant specifications and existing conditions. Our landscapes are designed and installed with scale, proportion, and placement as a fundamental for every job! All plants are thoroughly inspected before arriving on-site and installed with care. j. branch landscaping will adjust or add new drainage systems and/or irrigation systems according to landscape plan and plant type.

j. branch landscaping provides unique and original design and installation for your every need. Whether you are looking for pool designs, patios, driveways, outdoor kitchen, fire-pits, fountains, arbors, walls, and fences - to name a few, let us help you! With a complete landscape plan, all - or just a few of these options can be incorporated into your outdoor living space.

We also provides seasonal color-changes, pottery installations, and architectural accents. We design and install beautiful Holiday decorations for the interior or exterior of your home or business. Stunning entry accents and wreaths help create an welcome that will not soon be forgotten!

Let us show you how to transform your outdoor space into a work of art that family and friends can enjoy for many years to come!